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Uniform Ribbons.com aim to serve to those who served.  There are many ribbon checker applications published on world wide web. However, this nifty ribbon checker creates a collage image of your ribbons and devices to reflect your dedication of service. You may use the created images as you see fit. Images created on Uniform Ribbons are purged on a monthly basis.

I am veteran of Marine Corps (Ooh-Rah) and participated in Desert Storm/Shield. I am certain that some modifications are needed for ribbon checker application. Please do not hesitate to contact and I will update or modify as necessary. The objective of this blog is to provide readers ribbons, medals, devices and other military awards information.
Thank you for visiting and thank you for service.
Semper Fi,

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My US Marine Corps Ribbons

My US Marine Corps Ribbons
My US Marine Corps Ribbons
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  1. I’m not sure if you keep this updated but I’d like to make a request if you do – I have not been able to get it to allow more than 5 awards. I have 8 on one device (as you know, = silver + 2 bronze stars). Additionally, for those of us that have done some sort of joint duty, it would be nice to be able to access those awards as well. Finally, you seem to be missing some awards. This site: http://kepler.pratt.duke.edu/USMCRibbons.html has all the awards listed but doesn’t allow for devices. Thanks for your hard work on this.

    1. Hi,
      I apologize for much delay. I will work on more devices on ribbons but which specific ribbon(s) are you referring to so I could make that my priority. The reason that I don’t all the ribbons is that I thought some ribbons are outdated. For the joint duty service, I have been contemplating that idea but I am not certain how to make that work.

  2. I love the rack builder you have built. It’s really simple and accurate. Would it be possible to link the CAP awards to the DoD awards. As a CAP senior member and former US Army, I’d like to be able to combine my racks. The CAP reg allows for prior service awards to be worn on the USAF style CAP uniform. It’d like to be able to have a print out of what it should look like. The uniform manual CAPM 39-1 states:

    11.2. Wear of Awards.
    11.2.1. Precedence. The general order of precedence for wear of awards is 1) US Federal Awards, 2) CAP Awards, 3) JROTC/ROTC awards, and 4) Foreign Awards. US Awards. Federal awards awarded by competent authority may be worn on USAF-style uniforms in accordance with instructions contained in AFI 36-2903. National Guard awards will not be worn.

    Again, thanks for all your work on this!


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