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Welcome to Uniform
I am veteran of Marine Corps and participated in Desert Storm/Shield. I was really impressed by ribbon checkers or rack builders that I found online. I created this site to be fast, interactive and entertainining. I have designed (at least modified) all the ribbon images. I mainly use adobe photoshop and Inkscape softwares for image creation. This nifty ribbon checker created a collage image of your ribbons and devices to reflect your dedication of service. You may use the created images as you see fit. I am not a programmer, I was trained as a Pharmacist.
I am certain that some modification is needed for ribbon checker application. Please do not hesitate to contact me and I will update or modify as necessary.
The objective of this blog is provided readers ribbons, medals, devices and other military awards information. site aim to provide detailed and interactive resources.

I receive a lot of spam so best method of contact is via Facebook
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Thank you for visiting and thank you for service,
Semper Fi,